BodyMind Awakening through Somato Respiratory Integration

BodyMind Awakening is the name I have given to my mix of approaches that have helped me and others to massively increase my connection to my body(mind).

It has come around as a result of my personal journey, which then became my professional journey. A back injury started it all, and it took another 10 years to realise that I was only paying attention to my body when I was in pain. At that time I was introduced to Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI), which comprise 12 body centered exercises that correspond to different states of consciousness. As I studied SRI, my initial experience was to realise how disconnected I was from body sensations and feelings, and that I tended to try to make sense of everything from an analytical and scientific perspective. I was pretty numb to my own body, and in turn that was causing me to experience a lot of pain and suffering (on many levels, not just physical).

You can read more of my journey by following this link, but here i want to set the intention for this space. I plan to cycle through the exercises and insights that have helped me, and continue to help me and my clients make progress, to heal and to grow. These do not replace professional advice, and many who use the bodymind exercises will also want to work with a bodywork professional, such as a Network chiropractor or an SRI Facilitor like myself, or another health professional. There are many great body workers out there, so find the support you need. If you have any concerns around your health physical or mental, please consult a qualified professional, because this resource is about connecting to resources within your body and using them to grow. It’s not about treating diseases or conditions. Please note that, this is not a chiropractic technique, and should not be seen as such. It is a separate approach that can be used alongside many approaches, including chiropractic, or as standalone.

I have set up a Facebook Group to support this. Click here to join. I will post videos and articles here, that will help you help your body to "wake up” to it’s potential.