Stage 4 - Taking Back My Power

When we talk about SRI, we are really talking about the 12 Stages of Human Consciousness.

Stage 1: I am helpless, nothing works, I’m so alone

 Stage 2: She’s going to fix me, it’s his fault, I’m not to blame – it’s because of xyz

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 Stage 3: I’ve tried everything yet I still feel like I’m not making progress, I’m so stuck, Yeuch, why wont this change? I’m so frustrated!

 Stage 4: Enough of this, I’ve had enough of this, I take back my power! Because I deserve so much more than this…

 If you’re reading this, you’ve probably experienced all of these stages at some point. Most of us are very, if not over familiar with stages 1, 2 and 3. Even the most enlightened, conscious, health focused, switched on people experience moments of feeling helpless, wanting someone else to take their pain away or sort out their problems. And many people live almost all of their lives going round and round the first 3 stages.

 Stage 4 is sometimes an entry point for starting NSA or for starting personal growth work (though more commonly it’s stage 2 or 3) . The frustration builds so much that we find energy to start to move forwards. There has to be a different way and I’m going to find it and walk that path.

 Stepping into our power is not the end point, it’s the true beginning of wellness. It’s when we state – I will find a way. I will achieve my goals. I will get healthier, more adaptable, more flexible, more energized, more emotionally aware, more switched on. This list goes on and on and it is different for each and every one of us.

 But in itself it’s also progress. As you make that declaration – Enough of This, your posture will change, your energy will rise, there is something inside of you that knows – I’m going to do this. I’m going to become more of xyz.

 Most of us settle for stage 2 – power over or in relation to someone else, and it often means giving our power to someone else and relying on them to sort us out. In Stage 4, we work with someone else to achieve our goals. We own our part in the journey. We own that the diet of chocolates and biscuits is having a detrimental effect on our body and we replace it with fruit and veg, because we know that we have to take part if we want to be more.

Power Over vs Power Through

In Stage 4 we start to truly own our power. Our results are no longer because of our circumstances, our results our because of our choices, our actions, our perceptions. We own our wins as much as we own our losses. We learn from mistakes rather than returning to blame or giving others credit.

It’s often a journey that at least in the beginning requires many visits to the earlier stages, as we revert to habits, especially those or blame or lack of responsibility. But don’t beat yourself up. Celebrate that you notice and celebrate that you have the courage to step into your power at all. Because a life led through Stage 2 means letting other people control your destiny, your health, your finances, in fact everything. As long as you don’t fully own your mistakes, your choices, your actions it is very hard to feel truly good.

So enjoy the journey, because from Stage 4 onwards that’s where there fun really starts.

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