Posture 5: The Victim / Living in Lack

Do you know someone who everything seems to go wrong for? It maybe at work, in relationship, in their health, but they always seem to be the victim of something or someone.

It’s a bit like the bullied child at school. You sort of know who is going to get bullied and often you also know who is going to bully, because of how they walk, how they stand, how they behave and how they talk. It’s in our posture and we already know who the victim is.

Another way this posture shows up is the person who never seems to get what they want. They may try hard, they may work hard, but someone else always wins or get’s the girl. They are the one who is always lacking and missing out.

The can stem from events that were seemingly unfair and the individual felt that they were a victim of circumstance, sometimes the event was big, sometimes small. But none the less it sets up a pattern of lack or victimhood that can run a life.

And that can lead to different responses - the “given up” state or the “internally angry but never saying” state, or a mix of both.

So their internal dialogue may be along the lines of:

1.      It’s doesn’t matter what I do, nothing seems to work out(

2.      (Why does) It always happen to me (?)

3.      I really tried, honest…..

4.      What’s wrong with me?

5.      I’m going to make them suffer

6.      I’m never angry / I’m always angry / It’s not fair

7.      There is never enough to go around

8.      I’ll show them, whatever it takes I will make it happen

Some people with this posture are actually incredibly successful in aspects of their life, but rarely happy. It may drive them to achieve, to show others what is possible, but the internal dialogue is often destructive.

So what happens as this pattern resolves and becomes a source of growth?

The answer is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This can lead to a live of riches and abundance. Because so much energy is embedded in this posture, when turned around and owned it can be a massive source of growth, transformation and joy.

The solution lies in recognizing that this pattern is there, and in feeling it in the body, truly feeling it. Because once you feel something it becomes a resource, a starting point for change.

Again, I suggest standing up and observing your feet on the ground. Often in this pattern the weight is forward, or the weight is almost collapsed into the feet, but still a tendency to forward. Observe your feet on the ground and aim to balance out the contact. What changes in your body? Can you do it?

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