Do I have to have pain or symptoms to benefit from NSA?

Do I have to be sick or in pain to receive Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)?

Well put simply the answer is “NO”, but why? Why would someone spend time and money when they don’t have a condition or disease that needs treating?

Put simply, our service is not about treating a disease or condition, it’s about working with a human being. It’s about creating better connection between the brain and the body, deepening our connection to our internal resources and ultimately about upgrading how the body works and functions with respect to the daily activities that it’s being called to do.

Many people around the world use this as part of their personal growth and self-care regime.

NSA works with the nervous system. Gentle contacts to the spine result in the generation of two healing waves. The experience of the waves is often described as one of relaxation, of tension releasing from the body, sometimes of pain melting away. But something bigger is happening. As the body releases tension, the connection between brain and body improves, and as this happens your nervous system is better able to work.

As your body starts to heal, you begin to find and use resources inside of you that you didn’t know you had.

NSA is advanced through three levels of care, each having different responses in the body and different experiences in life.

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Basic Care: Connect and Release

Everyone starts here, and it builds a foundation of brain-body connection that helps you to process past and present tensions from your body. Associated with big improvements physically and often emotionally, it provides the bedrock for our care.

Intermediate Care: Transform and Refine

How do you handle change? How does stress affect you? In this level you can change your relationship to stress, as your body learns new strategies to adapt and evolve. Many associate this with the magic of Network care as this is when the network wave develops.

Advanced Care: Awaken and Expand

When you no longer need to defend yourself because your physiology is no longer wired for stress, what can you do with your life? Advanced care supports this journey, and the strategies developed in this level are associated with upgrade of your nervous system and how you function in life.

So whether you have symptoms or not, we all have to deal with stress in our lives and we can all benefit from more efficient, effective ways of dealing with change and challenging situations. Many people use this care as part of their long term health and wellbeing strategies, others are focused on growth and living the richest possible life, so this can be part of this.

If you want to find out more about the changes in general health and wellbeing, follow this link and it will tell you about one of the biggest studies done into wellness benefits of a specific technique.