12 Stages of Personal Power - Part 3 Awakening to our Truth

There is lots of talk about what is means to be powerful in the media currently. Much of it is around masculine and feminine power.

Here i’m interested in how we develop with respect to our power as we evolve and become more conscious.

What can you aspire to?

All so often people who arein positions of power, use their power for personal gain, to make money or lord over others. It’s often about feeling enough and feeling safe. And some people are so “unsafe” within they amass huge personal resources so that they have all the power.

But what happens when you truly connect to your personal power and use it in the best possible way for humanity. The upper stages (8-12 of Somato-Respiratory Integration) explore how we are when we are in service to the greater good. To something bigger than ourselves.

There was a quote on the internet this week that summed it all up beautifully:

Blessed is she who plants trees now, that she will never experinece the shade of…..

As we evolve we start to see the bigger picture, but even bigger than our immediate environment. And the beauty of this evolved state is that yes someone will plant trees, but that is her gift, her consciousness manifesting. But that may not be yours.

When you are truly connecting to your power and expressing it, life will have a totally different feel. There will be a sense of flow, of serendipity. There will always be a way, even if things are tough and challenging, you will have a sense of knowing what step to take, what to do next, however small it may seem.

Many people at this stage are able to recognize who they are. How they can use their resources to make a difference for others, and much as it may feel good, the driver is not how you feel, it’s bigger than that. It’s more like a calling and a knowing. You know exactly where to use your power, and you do it because that is how it is, that is who you are, what is why you are here.

Personal Reflections

So how does it feel when you use your power for good, for others, for humanity? What is your experience of your body? How do you move? How do you hold yourself? How does the energy move within you?

The emotions I tend to experience at this level include gratitude, grace, love, peace and joy. Much as I would love to say there are none of the painful emotions, they are often present such as anger, disgust, even hate but they are more present as impulses that propel me forwards, that provide fuel to be even more, more of me, and to fuel my determination to serve more, to be bigger and to use my personal power and gifts to the best o fmy abilty.