The Secret Life of Stage 2 Polarities

st 2.2.jpg

Yes, some people literally live their lives from Stage 2 and it’s easy to spot, but for many of us it’s harder to spot. It’s like a minor program but it’s pretty much always running, but without the obvious charge of a full blown stage 2.

Here are some tips and things I’ve noticed that show that using the Stage 2 exercise may be of benefit….

  • you secretly believe you are always right, you just don’t say

  • you are looking to blame

  • you try and hide your emotions a lot

  • you don’t like your emotions or internal dialogue and don’t want others to know about it

  • you are much harder on yourself than you are on others

  • you don’t like admitting when you are wrong

  • you have to be right

  • EVERYONE else is Angry/Nasty/Selfish - doesn’t matter what the emotion is, if it’s all around you and not within you, you need to look deeper

I personally believe that even when we’re not conscious of it, Stage 2 is running in the background for almost everyone. After all, there are very few enlightened beings around, and we all have aspects of ourselves that we could benefit from exploring.

Incentives for doing Stage 2 for me at least, it there is always a lot of energy in a stage 2, because we often use a lot of energy to deny the parts of us we are dissociating from. So once the Stage 2 resolves, we have way more available energy…