Stepping into Our Power - Stage 4

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We can all relate to situations where we feel we gave our power away. Where if only we'd said xyz or if only I'd done this not that, then we would feel good, but instead, we defaulted into an old pattern and now we feel powerless, or frustrated or less than. The emotions are personal.  

Maybe you immediately relate to what I'm saying, and maybe you don't. In case you’re in the second group, I’ll give a few examples to help you understand what I mean.

 It maybe that you are one of those people who just can’t say no. You end up totally overcommitted to everyone else and then a small voice inside goes “but what about me?” Or maybe that voice never even gets heard until you have a breakdown or a health crisis.

Or you may be super successful at work, well respected and loved, yet you are in an abusive relationship and no one knows. You put a brave face onto the world, but inside you feel totally powerless to do anything about it. And you love him anyway, he just loses it every now and then, but he apologies and he loves you, so that’s ok? You know it’s not ok, but what do you do.

Or maybe you feel that you give your power away to part of you. The part of you that wants to eat cake all the time, who always seems to run the show. Yet you know that constantly eating the sweet stuff is neither good for you or healthy in the longer run. So you end up feeling a victim to your own sugar cravings. Crazy, but happens all the time.  

There are many examples and they don’t have to be as dramatic as physical violence.

So where do you give your power away, over and over? And how would your life be different if you took your power back and owned part of you that has never had a voice before. The part that says “no”. The part that says “enough”. The part that says “I deserve more than this”.

 What most of us do at this point is we find a coping strategy to take the pain away. We may blame a situation or a person, we may decide that’s this is just how it is and nothing will change it. Or maybe we console ourselves that others have it worse than us. Or we do something else that temporarily makes us feel good. And sometimes we just make a joke about it and diffuse the pain. Because all of these are strategies to reduce the pain of not being true to ourselves, of not standing up for what we know matters to us. Of not standing up for our own needs, our own authentic self.


In Stage 4 we connect to the alienated resources inside of our body, to the part of us that is stuck, defended and has had no voice for such a long time. And as we connect to this part of us, with energy and focus we can release the energy that has held us small, that has kept us from stepping forwards into our truth. We can change our stories that say – it has to be this way and create the space for new thoughts and beliefs that support us. And as we release the ties that bind us, we find our voice, and we can declare our intention to ourselves and to others. And this is the window into a new say of being.

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