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BodyMind Life Skills 201 - Using Somato Respiratory Integration Stages 4-7

This seminar builds upon the skills learnt in BodyMind 101. Either this seminar, or substantial experience of Somato-Respiratory Integration is required to attend. If in doubt, please contact Rachael on

When change is required of us, parts of us often prefer to stay in the comfortable and familiar patterns, whilst other parts can become increasingly uncomfortable with that status quo. We can internalize or debate with ourselves, or even choose to ignore and suppress the inner turmoil. That is simply not sustainable, and we can pay a high price for it, in our health as well as our peace of mind.

Even if we wanted to stay safely stuck in our old habits, it’s just not possible anymore. Life requires us to upgrade, adapt and evolve. This is where SRI comes in, because SRI is a great tool to help feel more powerful and resolved when navigating life circumstances and change.

You will learn how to leverage your inner discomfort and frustration into power to make new choices, to embrace change with full commitment. Have skills to navigate the new path, and work productively with uncertainty, power and promise. And learn how it feels to resolve something completely, and what you need to do to get there.

Freedom and peace of mind are on the other side.

And how to align yourself with your goals both body and mind, and make new decisions and stick to them. SRI harnesses the power of your own neurology and the natural abilities of your body to increase your level of congruence during periods of change and growth.

This workshop will help you understand and use the transformational skills of SRI, and will teach their fundamentals clearly so you can share with a friend or family member.

You will:

- Recognize human experience of being stuck or at a crossroads. 
- Validate that each person has their own timing for transforming old patterns. 
- Have confidence to build your inner power, and feel fully committed to yourself and your life choices. 
- Create familiarity with the state of being in between the old things and the new things in life. 
- Learn to embrace the creative state when new possibilities and new patterns are emerging. 
- Gain new strength and focus when goals require sustained intent. 
- Gain a greater grasp of the power of breath movement and sound as tools in resolving longstanding patterns. 
- Be comfortable using touch, movement, breath, sound, and statements in greater variety and intensities. 
- Increase your comfort with and acceptance of your own energy, focus, and soul-given imperatives. 
- Have choices of how to address changes in life or within yourself with strategic focus. 
- Have personal experience of the related exercises and also witness others doing the exercises in the workshop 
- Feel safety in participating fully, and deepen a sense of group sponsorship for the variety of personal experiences. 
- Be able to identify what exercises you can choose in various responses to life circumstances. 
- Gain ability to listen to your own and others' language regarding change and commitment.
- Be able to share the exercises with a friend or family member.

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