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BodyMind Life Skills 101 - using Somato Respiratory Integration Stages 1-3

A set of life skills that everyone should have! We all need tools to manage life experience and feel successful participating in what life is presenting. Coping with stresses using only outside solutions is not a practical, sustainable strategy. The best resources are inside you, always available and free.

Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) provides a structured way of understanding and experiencing how to access your inner resources with ease, and use them to increase your resilience and adaptability in everyday life. SRI harnesses the power of your own neurology and the natural abilities of your body to increase your level of personal congruence.

This seminar is the foundational seminar for all other SRI workshops, and can be also be used as a tool to support and expand many bodywork approaches.  

In this workshop we explore how we deal with things we don’t like or don’t feel able to cope with. We start by first discovering internal resources you may not even know you have. Then we will explore how to approach your body(mind) when you feel helpless, unresourceful, alone and overwhelmed. When life is telling you that nothing will work, what can you do? That’s the starting point of this work, and EVERYONE has experience of this state. By finding your resources (and if you are alive you have internal resources) and changing your state from one of helplessness or low-resourcefulness to one of resourcefulness you then can tackle the challenges life throws at you.

We will also explore how emotions can be either a gift to help us grow, adapt and change or how they can overwhelm and limit us. The embodied experience of emotions is something many people avoid, and engaging or changing how we engage with emotional states, can be powerful and transformative on its own. We will also look at what is happening in our body when we feel unable to speak up and find our voice, and how emotions can stop or facilitate this process.

The third state we will explore is frustration. Many people spend a lot of time feeling frustrated and unable to move forwards. Often they find it difficult to work with frustration and end up doing nothing, or worse they drop back into a state or helplessness or simply blame those around them or circumstances. Instead, we will teach you how to harness frustration as a tool for change, growth and commitment to your own progress, so that it becomes an opportunity not a threat.

 The overarching goal is to help students develop self-compassion and body-mind life skills, and normalize the human experience.

You will:

-gain more familiarity with your body and its tension patterns, and what types of information they hold.
-know how to evaluate if you are doing the exercises effectively or not.
- attain or deepen the vocabulary for self-observation.
-have personal experience and also witness others doing the exercises in the workshop
-be comfortable using touch, movement, breath, sound, and statements.
-feel safety in participating fully, and develop a sense of group acceptance for the variety of personal experience.
- increase your comfort with and acceptance of your own emotions, and of others emotions.
-have choices of how to address what you are experiencing in your body
-be able to identify what exercises you could choose in various life circumstances.
-have language to assess your situation and determine suitable self-care strategies.
-be able to share the exercises with a friend or family member

This workshop will not only help you understand and use SRI, it will also teach you the fundamentals so you can share with others.

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