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Bodymind Life Skills 301 -Immersion in Expansion, Using Stages 8-12

This daylong add-on to the transformative weekend will tease apart the many varieties of grace, stillness, joy and grounded commitment to the path you have chosen. Everyone will have their own unique experiences of these states in their life, but the commonalities of how we experience them can be taught and learned.

Learn how to access quieted mind, lightness, connectedness and belonging. SRI harnesses the power and the natural abilities of your body to fully participate in gratitude, and deepen your sense of personal purpose. Gratitude can be more than a concept when it is fully embodied. Learn how to do this and get the most out of whatever your spiritual practice is.

Are you amongst the many people searching for deeper experiences of wellbeing and joy through various lifestyle activities? The results often fall short of what is sought, or are short-lived and temporary. We all need deeper anchoring in our birthright of connection to ourselves, to others regardless of their role in life, and to the greater world.

You will:  

- learn about the varieties of higher experiences one can have
- explore what could enhance a feeling of meaning and purpose
- be comfortable using various postures, movements, breath patterns that can enhance life participation
- increase acceptance of your own Self at the level of beingness
- have ways to feel more connected to nature and external resources of environment
- feel a thread of connection to those who have inspired you 

- have personal experience whilst experiencing the exercises in community in the workshop
- feel trust in yourself and trust in the life wisdom you embody already
- be able to identify what exercises you could choose in various life circumstances to participate more deeply, with intention

To book use the button below to return to the events page. Note, this event can only be booked in addition to BodyMind Life Skills 201 and not as a standalone event