Why do I sometimes feel tired after a Network Chiropractic session?

Why do I sometimes feel tired after a Network Chiropractic session?


It’s a question that I get asked on a fairly regular basis, so it seems a good topic to address.

I’ve found over the many years that there are several reasons, and it can be good to reflect on what is going on for you. I’m going to talk in terms of personality traits because it’s an easy way of shining a light on things..

1.       The Type A Personality

Are you someone who has to get everything done, and done well? You may push yourself to spend the extra time at work or in your relationships to make things as good as you possibly can. You will keep going even when you are very tired. You ignore the calls from your body to stop, to rest and to take time for yourself.

Your body is probably running in stress physiology a lot of the time. You use your mind to keep going and going and going. You ignore the calls for sleep and push on through.

After a Network Adjustment you may say things like, “o great, my pain is reducing but why is it making me so tired?” or “I don’t have time to sleep, I’ve got things I have to do”


2.       Supermum

You are the ultimate mother type (you can be a man and still have this trait). You look after everyone one except yourself and your needs come last.

You have one Network Adjustment and your whole body screams – I’m going to bed. You may listen, you may not, but you know you need to.

3.       The Personal Growth “addict”

You are determined to be the best version of you possible, at work at home and you do loads of different things to ensure you are constantly growing and improving. Your Network adjustments are part of this journey.

Most of the time you feel more energized, creative, adaptable and able to do stuff. But every now and then you’ll have an adjustment that puts you in bed or you finish the session feeling very tired.

4.       Chronic Pain or Poor Health

You’ve been in pain or struggling with poor health for too long. Your body responds to Network adjustments by making you even more tired and you sleep like you haven’t slept in many years.

In some ways I would explain all of these responses in a similar way, but with a slightly different slant on it.

One part of the purpose behind the Network Adjustment is to make you more aware of what is going on in your body. So often we ignore the call to sleep, we push on, we focus on what needs to be done, or we have no choice but to push on. And then this deep need to rest and recuperate becomes a conscious need and we feel as tired as we truly are. And we sleep or try to sleep.

There is another scenario that I believe can make us feel very tired, and this can come early or further into Network care, and this is that every time a contact is made on the body, your bodymind makes more connections and learns something. And sometimes, we get very tired mentally. You know how it feels when you’re studying for exams and you can hit a point where you feel like your “mind is full”. I’ve sometimes had that kind of feeling after a pretty intense Network session, where I just want to take myself off and integrate what is changing in my body. I often don’t want to be with others, but more to be on my own, maybe walk in nature or just sit quietly someone and not interact with anyone else. This is not so much exposing that I’m tired and I’m ignoring it, just that more energy is required to grow than maybe I had available and my body says – “go recharge” – and for me, nature is one of the best recharges I know.

There is another scenario that is the one that is hardest to spot (for me at least) which is when we connect to our body and discover that we need to make a change to how we live our life and we know this change is true, but we prefer the comfort of where we are. Often a story will show up along the lines of “it’s too hard, I don’t have the energy, it’s not possible…. “ and we will slowly slip back into the way we were before and find a way of making it ok.

If this one is making sense to you, you can use stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to explore it, connecting to the part of you that doesn’t want to change as a starting point or the part that is exhausted or the part that is angry/frustrated that change is needed.

So it’s great to ask – am I tired because I haven’t stopped enough, because I need a holiday or to take more time for myself, or am I tired because I’m being challenged to change and the stretch it just a big bigger than I felt ready for? Both questions ask you to do something different, to change, to become aware and to listen?

And more importantly, if you’re tired - listen to your body. This will pass as your body heals and changes.

Whatever the cause – sleep well.

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