How Fear Affects Your Body and What to do about it


Whether you’re pro-Brexit or against, the reporting in the media seems to be creating so much fear in people currently. And it’s showing up in people’s bodies and in their language in ways that I’ve not seen for a long time.

So how do you know you’re affected? What are the signs that you’re more fearful than normal?

When I talk to my clients and also observe how their bodies are, I’m observing several things currently.

  1. More people seem close to tears than normal
    Notice if you are more easily upset that normal. Do you feel like crying, when you'r logical brain says there is no reason to.

  2. Old symptoms seem to be coming back for no reason
    If you can’t explain your pain, it is probably because you’re tensing up unconsciously and “activating your weak spots”.

  3. You can’t switch your brain off at night
    Lots of people are reporting weird dreams, busy brains, thoughts, unexplained worries.

  4. Your Anxiety Levels are Up
    This is the most easily attributable to Brexit. So many people are worried about the uncertainty, about what may never happen, and it’s infectious. It’s like you can catch “fear and worry”.

So what to do?

The first think to do is to observe yourself. Are you more irritable than normal? Are you worrying? Are you fixated on the news? Is your body tense, tight or painful? Is it more so than normal? Are you consciously worrying about Brexit?

The best things I know for releasing tension from your body are:

  1. exercise - something you enjoy

  2. get out in nature

  3. spend time with a friend and consciously talk about things you are interested in and bring you pleasure / avoid people who just want to talk “fear”

  4. watch the news with caution, checking in with how it makes you feel (mind and body)

  5. meditation - great for calming mind and body

  6. somato-respiratory integration (if you don’t know this, come to a Discover workshop)

  7. Get adjusted - NSA helps to take stress out of your body, calming body and mind

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