But I need pain relief NOW


Many people consult a chiropractor for pain, and of those the majority have often had the pain for a long time, often months, more often years. And question that get’s asked all the time is “how soon will I be fixed?”

And that is probably the most difficult question to answer, but I’m going to do my best.

What are your goals?

For some people the goals are simply to get rid of pain, and they are looking for the person who can do this for them, for the least amount of time and money. I get it. No one wants to spend money if they don’t need to.

For other, they want to get out of pain and then do what they need to keep the pain at bay.

The third group want to get out of pain and get to the bottom of what was causing the pain and change it.

Short Term Fix or Long Term Solution?

For most people with simple spinal pain, by which I mean pain that does not involved radiating or nerve pain and there is nothing to suggest a disc injury, you can often get a lot of pain relief in a short time, weeks, even occasionally days. When their is disc involvement, this usually takes considerably longer and that is very much on a case by case basis.

Short Term Solutions

Most people who have a short burst of care, will get considerable if not total resolution from their pain. However, many of this group will experience a re-occurrence of their symptoms at a future date, as they didn’t change the pattern in their body that was creating the pain, they just reduced the intensity of the signal from their back to their brain.

Longer Term Solutions

Many people who work on a longer term basis, not only experience far less pain, they also experience many other benefits as their bodies often unwind years of tension and stress. The big research study on NSA from the 90’s showed people improving physically, emotionally, mentally, overall quality of life and ability to handle stress.

Stress and Healthy Habits

People report that they handle stress better on such a regular basis, I almost take it for granted that it will happen. Also commonly reported, and backed up in the research is many people report spontaneously adopting healthier habits after a few months of Network care. Cool, don’t you think? It’s like your body is saying - please behave more healthy, because I want you to.

But I need pain relief now!

Sometimes you are lucky. Your body still has enough resources that a few sessions of Network will make a huge difference. Most people report improvements after their first session, but a small percentage get worse before they get better.

My advice is don’t let problems become chronic, don’t let the patterns of pain become a habit. But hindsight is always there, and most of us will wait until we are nearly broken and then turn up.

Whether your problem is new or chronic, you are welcome to call and get assessed and we’ll do everything we can to get your body healing again.