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SRI Transform

Change happens to us whether we like it or not. But we have a choice. We can fight it or we can take action and engage.

In this workshop we look to increase our resourcefulness, claim our personal power to influence how we are and how we heal and grow (or don’t). We see how we respond to change and what we can do to be more empowered. We embrace the patterns that have limited us and see them for what they were, and learn from them. And as we become increasingly resourceful, we build up the energy so that we can resolve limiting patterns and behaviours and increase our internal resourcefulness.

We will study and/or deepen our experiences Stages 4-7 of SRI in this workshop.

To attend you need to be familiar with Stages 1-3, either through personal SRI coaching or attendance of the SRI Discover workshop. Check if you’re not sure.

Investment £16 or part of your Service Agreement

Earlier Event: February 21
SRI Discover
Later Event: March 3
12 Stages of Healing