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Stage 5, 6 and 7 Workshop

In the transform stages we start to merge with all our stories, all our limiting beliefs and we realize that we can be so much more. But there is still work to do, accepting who we are, embracing all the parts of us that have contributed to our growth and healing, building energy for change and resolving patterns that no longer serve. Explore it all in this workshop.

  • How do your limiting beliefs impact on you?

  • How would it be to accept yourself more fully?

  • How do you build the energy for change?

  • What is your relationship to resolve?

  • How does it feel to resolve a pattern and move forwards into something new?

  • How do you stand totally true to yourself with no need to defend?

  • How would life be different if your ego didn’t call the shots?

Explore this and more in this powerful workshop

£16 or part of your Service Agreement

Earlier Event: November 26
Stage 4 Workshop
Later Event: December 3
Stage 1 Workshop