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The Gifts of the Spine

  • Naturally Empowered Healing and Living Dean Row Court, Summerfield Village Centre Wilmslow, SK9 2TB United Kingdom (map)

Why would you want to work with the spine? After all, it either hurts or it doesn’t, right?


Most people only pay attention to their spine when they are in pain - either back pain, neck pain or headaches being the things most commonly associated with spinal dysfunction.

But what is the spine really about? And how can improving your spinal health improve so many aspects of your life?

Well research into Network Care, in the 1990’s, which is all about how your spine (and nervous system) function showed that improvements were possible in your physical, emotional and pscyhological health, how you handle stress and your capacity to enjoy and experience life.

In this workshop we will explore all the different aspects of our lives that are related to our spinal health, discuss your role in it and if time permits do some demonstrations of Network Care, so you can see what is possible with the evolutionary approach to health and wellbeing.

Some questions that I will answer include:

  • How does your spine affect your physical health, how well your function and your energy levels?

  • How does your spine relate to your nervous system and it’s ability to regulate your body?

  • Why and how would your spine be important when it comes to your emotional state?

  • Does the spine have a role in immunity?

  • Why posture is so important and what to do about it?

  • How could the state of your spine affect your relationships? Your career? Sports performance?

  • Does the spine have a role in spirituality? We’ll explore this further…

  • And so much more….

There is no charge for this workshops, it’s my Christmas gift to you all. Please sign up in the practice, or email me on You can bring friends, colleagues and family members if you want.

Earlier Event: December 12
Stage 4 Workshop