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SRI Discover

In this workshop we work with the first 3 stages of Somato-Respiratory Integration to teach you how to better connect to your body. Why would we do that? Because research has shown that people who are aware and connected to what is changing in their bodies have better long term outcomes than people who are passive and give all of the responsibility to their practitioner/doctor.

You will learn

  • how to find ease in your body and amplify it

  • where you have untapped resources and how to amplify them

  • where you are disconnected and what to do about it

  • where the solution to your challenge is

  • how other people and situations affect your ability to heal

  • how blame affects you and how to change

  • how your mind can keep you stuck in a pattern

The workshop is practical and interactive. You will come away with tools for transformation and progress.

£16 or part of your Service Agreement