How do I get ready to make change?

We all have things about ourselves that we know need to change? There are areas in our life where we constantly give our power away over and over, and we know these if only we stop to reflect.

So here are some questions for you to ponder?

·       What habits am I repeating over and over that no longer serve me?

·       What thoughts do I find myself repeating that hold me back, that keep me small?

·       What emotions or feelings do I have on a daily basis that limit me?

What part of me is not expressing, that if I allowed this part to express would make the biggest change for me now?

Do I need to connect to my inner courage? Do I need to reclaim my voice? My ability to speak up? Or maybe I need to reclaim my self-love? Or my self-esteem?

I find that if I imagine myself in the situation where I’m giving my power away and playing small, and then try on different things for size.

For example if I keep saying yes to helping someone, when really I’m sick and tired of constantly being their punching bag, because they never take my advice or support anyway, what attribute do I need to help me say no? If I’m more courageous will I speak up? If I have more self-esteem will I lose the need to be liked? If I speak my truth, will they reject me and me be ok with that?

Once I know what I need more of, then I’m ready to reclaim it. To stand in my power and be more of me, more authentic, true to myself.

Sometimes just becoming aware of the pattern is enough for me. Recognition of the pattern shifts my physiology and I’m instantly able to make change. On other occasions I need to go deeper with bodywork and connect to the physical anchors in the body and transform at the deepest level I know now which is when I use Stage 4 SRI.