But she's better than me

I had a real moment a few days ago, when I was on a group coaching call. Another lady on the call was talking about her experiences and how amazing she felt and the progress she was making, and I found myself going small, jealous, nasty even. I felt “less than”, inadequate, not good enough and I was in a real mood for a few hours after the call.

And then I had my moment. The moment when I realized what I was doing. It’s very easy to give your power away and say that you are not enough. That what you are doing doesn’t matter, doesn’t contribute and doesn’t make a difference.

But I’m a big believer of what is going on inside your body is reflected outside of your body in your life. So as long as I stayed in that internal state of smallness, I was not going to get much done or have a particularly good day.

So I stopped, paid attention to my body and felt my pain. There was a knot of pain just above my solar plexus, so I placed my hands there and it almost immediately dissolved. I felt more breath come through my body, I relaxed and felt more like myself again. So for those of you that know SRI, that was using the absolute basics of Stage 1 to connect to my body and listen.

Because I’ve studied the body for a couple of decades now, I was able to do a very short Stage 4 - reclaimed my personal power and I felt good to go. My morning became incredibly productive and my inner state was good. I was able to celebrate my abilities, not put myself down by comparing myself to a colleague based on the other side of the world - which serves no one.

So what do you do when you compare yourself to someone else? The first thing to do it come back to your body and center yourself. And the approaches that I find work best for me in this situation all involve observing what is going on my body in that moment.

Other stages that might have served me include: Stage 2 - Polarity, or maybe a Stage 5 - merging with the parts of me that I don’t like or do like.