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Dealing with Shock following the Manchester Bomb – my Gift


So like so many of you this morning I woke up to the horrific news of the Manchester bombing. I know things like this happen all around the world. This one affected me most. Although I no longer live in the city, I grew up Manchester and it’s special to me.


So every morning I do a short routine where I connect to my body and I connect to gratitude. It sets me up for a good day and means I contribute more. This morning, my body was so constricted and shocked I realized I needed to connect more deeply before doing my usual gratitude routine.


Then I thought – I’m not the only one feeling like this. So I did a short recording that anyone can use. Whether you’ve lots of body work experience or just like many woke up and had a response to the news.


After I’d done the exercise (and it only took me about 3 minutes to do), I felt so much better, I could breath, I could relax, I could feel gratitude again. I also felt emotion, I shed a few tears, I acknowledged what was happening in my bodymind and it really helped me. 


Please share. It’s here for you.


My Chiropractic Story


As someone who practises a non-manipulative chiropractic technique I am often asked why. What’s wrong with “cracking” the spine? Why do you do what you do? To answer this I want to share my story.

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What actually happens during a Network Chiropractic Visit?


This is a question that comes up over and over again from our clients. They feel better, they know something is happening, but are not quite sure what.

This video was recorded a few years back by Donny Epstein himself to explain what is happening during a Basic Care entrainment (or adjustment). Watch and enjoy and please share with friends and family who are interested in what goes on in our office.

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Why NSA Chiropractic? Our Journey From “Spinal Manipulation” to Gentle Touches of the Spine


Dr Rachael Talbot and Dr Olaf Frank (Doctors of Chiropractic), founded Naturally Empowered Wellness & Chiropractic in summer 2014. They both come from the traditional chiropractic world of spinal manipulation but due to personal experiences have chosen to specialise in a unique approach to health and wellbeing called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA for short). This has revolutionised their approach to both their own health and that of the people they serve. Rachael and Olaf are the first certified practitioners in the North West of England, having previously owned practices in both Cardiff and Bristol.

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