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Network Chiropractic and Pain – what do our clients say?


What do our clients ay about what we do? Impossible to capture everything but here are a few that may help you to understand what is possible……

You can hear what people had to say about their experiences within the area of back pain and how it helped them.

Posture A or Posture B?


Did you know that when you meet someone for the first time you’ve made up your mind about them in the first 7 seconds. If that’s an interview that is probably the time it takes to walk into the room and sit down .

A big part of how we evaluate people is how they hold themselves or put another way, how they posture. Because “posturing” is really how we wear our life through our body. So if someone has had a really tough life and it’s affected them negatively you can often tell by how they hold their body, how they move and how they breathe even. Most people find it easy to spot the child that has been bullied, and also (though not so easy) the child who is likely to bully.

Your nervous system and brain function has a huge impact on your posture

Find out more in this short video we explore this further and talk about what you can do to change

How Stress Can Affect Your Back Pain… and beyond

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So I have this conversation on a regular basis and it goes something like this….

Patient: I just don’t know why the pain suddenly started, I didn’t do anything

Upset Mid adult man in his thirties posing looking down

Me: Well is anything else happening in your life currently that may be a challenge?
Patient: No, I’ve not changed my routine, I’m still running twice a week and doing yoga – nothing different
Me: What about work? Anything new happening there, any challenges with your boss?
Patient: well actually, I’m on a new project and it’s not going so well….

It could be something as simple as worrying about work, but there are countless emotional and mental triggers that can change your physiology and these can also be a trigger for back pain or other injuries and health challenges.

Let me explain:

Firstly I want you to focus on how you feel when you are worrying about something or you have something on your mind. Notice what happens to your breath. Does it slow down? Is it shallow? Do you feel constricted? Then notice how you hold your body when you focus on this stressor? Anything change? What happens to your energy? Do you feel energized or drained? What about your mood? Does focusing on this make you feel full of life or lacking get up and go?

What happens in your body when you are worrying or stressed about something is fairly predictable though we will all do it in our own unique way with a different emphasis depending on our life experience and conditioning.

A worry or a stress can trigger a fight/flight response in your body because that’s how we are wired. And fight-flight can look like this:

  • tense, tight muscles – ready to run or fight
  • negative thoughts – because you are in danger
  • raised blood pressure – so you can run
  • raised blood sugar – energy source
  • increased stress hormones
  • reduced gut function – because it is not important when you are threatened
  • reduced immune function – because this is about long term survival not short term threat
  • reduced sexual function – again not important if you are in short term danger

If we just explore the tight, tense muscles a bit further. If your tense and tight it will take far less for you to overextend a joint and cause a sprain to the local ligaments. If your spine is under tension because all the spinal muscles have contracted keeping you tense, the discs will be under tension and more vulnerable to injury. If your muscles are already tight and tense and contracted, they are more vulnerable to injury than when you have warmed them up and they are ready to go.

So many of the clients we work with have got injured or sick during periods of emotional or mental stress. Even with some of our existing clients, life can sometimes become overwhelming because they are not able to dissipate all of the tensions building up in their body in response to what is going on for them, so they may re-injure or get sick for a short period of time. The only major difference I see in clients who have worked with us for a while and those who are new, is that the existing ones bounce back so much faster. Both groups recover physically, it’s just healing times are different.

So how is stress affecting you? If you are familiar with Somato-Respiratory Integration you can use it to check in with your body and see how you are coping. If you’re not, I suggest just focusing on your breath for a few moments. What do you notice?

If you think that life stresses are affecting your physical health and want to find out more. Call now to find out how we can help, or book into one of our regular free Intro Talks (details in our Calendar) where we explain in more depth how you can go from stressed to thriving.

The Network Wave of Healing


Most people who have experienced Network Spinal Analysis love how it makes their body feel.

However, some people find it easy to observe the breath wave that moves up and down their spine, others know that they feel better but because we can’t see our own spine find it hard to relate what is happening (after all we put things we don’t want to deal with to “the back of our mind” which is where the spine is…..).

In this short video observe the movements and listen to the commentary as to what is happening. Then next time you get adjusted (entrained) observe your body with this extra knowledge or if you get a chance as if you can watch someone else for a few minutes. So many people have said – once I saw what was happening I became aware of it. Is this you too?

Neck Stretches for the Computer User

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We get asked on a regular basis – what can I do to help myself?

In these days of modern technology one of the biggest challenges we face is that many jobs require us to spend extended periods of time behind a computer screen.

For many this results in neck pain, mid or upper back pain, headaches or problems with posture. It is also associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

If you are one of the many you may already have neck problems or you may want to reduce your chances of developing them. Whatever your need, this short video gives you some stretches you can do at the desk that will help to relieve tension in your upper back and neck and support better posture.

As always, we recommend that if you have any concerns you consult your chiropractor or another suitably qualified healthcare professional. These stretches do not replace advice, they are an additional service.

So enjoy the video and tell us how they’ve helped you