Welcome to our practice.

We are a husband and wife team of chiropractors, combining over 40 years experience in health, well-being and personal development. 

We both trained traditionally, learning to manipulate the spine and studying disease pathology in depth. 

Our personal experiences called us to look for more so we chose to focus on how the body heals and how to create increased function and an inner sense of wellbeing in the human body. We understand that the body is meant to be self-regulating and self-healing and the latest techniques are enabling us to help people to achieve higher levels of wellbeing than many thought possible. 

Through extensive research and personal experience we believe that we've finally found an approach that works with the body and achieve the results we want for ourselves, our families and those that are dear to us. Our chosen approach is based upon Network Spinal Analysis, a form of re-organisational healing that it well researched and continues to grow and develop. For more information on the Science,click here.

The Urgent Problem:
Epidemic numbers of people are in pain, exhausted, sick or stressed out. Thousands rely on short-term fixes to help them cope, like medication. People limit their activities and life inevitably closes down. They call this "normal". 

What does Science Tell us? 

Science tells us that the brain and nervous system co-ordinates your ability to self-heal and self-regulate. Your nervous system has two basic gears. 

  • Fight-flight: this is how your body responds to a situation that is threatening or overwhelming. Your brain either prepares to fight or run. Many people have unresolved stress in their body that cause them to respond in this way when it is no longer appropriate
  • Growth and Healing: this is when you brain tells your body to relax, digest, clear out waste products and heal. Your cells get time to regenerate

Many people through no fault of their own are caught in a pattern of fight-flight and their brains are no longer directing the energy to heal and grow. This is when symptoms tend to develop. 

Our Unique Solution: 

For those who are ready to take action, we are passionate about radically increasing their inborn capacity to heal and transform, so that they may lead extraordinary lives.

Chiropractors have been helping people heal for over 100 years without the use of drugs or surgery. At Naturally Empowered Wellness and Chiropractic we use the latest developments within the field to help people to beat pain, increase energy, transform stress and achieve new levels of well-being. 

Using a low force force approach that is highly powerful and effective, we have already helped 1000's to heal, become more resilient and independent. Through making healthier choices and responding better to stress, many lives have already been changed.  

We look forward to serving you on your journey towards greater health.