Combining our chiropractic expertise with the latest technologies available, we will assess your physiology, including your posture and whereabouts on your body you carry stress. This information will enable your chiropractor to compile a personal report of findings detailing your overall wellbeing and recommendations for care.

Prior to your consultation, you will be sent a detailed personal history form to complete. Please give this the time it deserves as this will help us greatly to understand your body and your needs.

Your consultation will begin with a thorough discussion of your history, your challenges and what goals you want to achieve. This will be followed up by a full spinal chiropractic assessment both seated and lying on your front, and physiological analysis using state-of-the-art NASA-certified technology.

As well as traditional chiropractic tests, the examination includes Surface EMG and thermographic examination of your spine, Heart Rate Variability and Digital Postural Assessment. We use these to evaluate your physiological response to your symptoms and learn how your body is adapting to your challenges and history, helping us find out what’s really going so we can provide the correct treatment for your needs.

Our chiropractors are committed to using both the latest examination and treatment tools to enable you to reach your health goals and beyond.

Please allow 45-60 minutes for this appointment

 Your Second Appointment

On your second visit you will be given your Report of Findings, which will include the results of your examination and recommendations for healing. If you wish to receive care that day, this will be possible.

For those wanting to receive long-term treatment, we have cost-effective service agreements and time can be arranged to discuss your care plan.

Please allow 30-40 minutes for this appointment.

Regular Visits

During your Network Entrainment (that’s what we call a NSA chiropractic adjustment ), you will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a specially designed bench. Your chiropractor will then perform specific gentle contacts to your spine that will cause wave-like movements to spread across your body. Some people are aware of these immediately and feel a positive effect straightaway but, in cases where stress has been prolonged or pain levels are very high, it can take more time before these are experienced.

You will also learn the life tools and techniques of Somato Respiratory Integration,  which will help you to make the most of your NSA care and provide you with the knowledge to practice it on a daily basis to reinforce your healing and enhance your life quality.

Consistent care is usually needed to overcome established patterns of physical, mental and emotional poor health. However, your nervous system will learn to heal over time, and when challenging situations arise, you will begin to deal with them effortlessly.

Each session lasts 10-15 minutes. Expect regular reviews to assess your progress.

Whilst we will do everything we can to run on time the organic nature of this works means that sometimes there will be a short wait.

To find out more about our unique approach to chiropractic treatment and how Network Care can help you self-heal and gain a new zest for life, click here.

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