UnMasking the Feminine
Bournemouth, November 2nd 2019, 9.30 to 4.30
£125, includes light lunch


What does it mean to connect to your feminine essence? How does your feminine show up in your life? How could be more authentically you?

We all have untapped resources buried in our body. Sometimes these have been buried for years or maybe even for generations in our family line. Discovering and learning to express these resources can be the start of or part of your journey. A journey of awakening to your gifts, to your uniqueness. Society has not really support the feminine energies, but it’s shifting and the time is now.

Work with your body to learn how to discover hidden gifts. Find your magical way of expressing yourself, connect to the parts of you that know you are more but not known how. Learn how to stand in your feminine power, and to speak and be your truth.

This will be a small, intimate workshop for women looking for more. A light (gluten free, dairy free) lunch will be provided. Investment £125

Rachael is an experienced bodyworker and healer. Through personal and professional experiences over 3 decades, she is passionate about helping people to step into their power, increase their resourcefulness and wake up to who they really are.

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