Welcome to Naturally Empowered

Naturally Empowered was founded in 2014 by Rachael Talbot and Olaf Frank. Previously based in Cardiff and Bristol, they relocated to the North West of England, Rachael's place of birth to settle down and set up Naturally Empowered. In 2019 we opened our second office, which Olaf now runs. He is now based at Naturally Empowered - Hale, and is no longer at the Wilmslow office.

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We are both passionate about helping people to heal and to achieve their full potential. Through our work we have helped literally thousands of people to live more enjoyable, fulfilling lives and we hope to reach many more in the coming decades. 

Rachael Talbot, MSc Chiropractic, BSc

Since an early age I’ve been interested in health, which initially led me to explore a career in Medicine (which I decided not to pursue) and then I settled on a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. It didn't satisfy me anyway near enough. 

Luckily, after an acute back injury, I saw a chiropractor and I’ve never looked back. Amazed by the improvements in my pain, I decided to follow my heart and train as a chiropractor.

I worked as a "traditional osseous" chiropractor for a number of years, and then a colleague performed NSA on me (the approach I now use), and my world changed overnight. The simple, gentle approach erased my back pain and gave me the best night’s sleep I’d had in years.  I was fascinated by how much better I felt, when my colleague had done so little to me with so little force.

A few months later, I had the opportunity to train in NSA. It felt like the opportunity I had been waiting for, to make the biggest difference to the lives of my clients with the innovative approach. The rest, as they say, is history.