I came to NSA from a completely different background to Rachael – through spiritualism and a simple belief that people can achieve the life they long for. In my teens I began to look at what gave me fulfilment, from the physical to spiritual. Eating meat fell away, and I found vegan foods exciting. Alongside this, I began exploring meditation, self-hypnosis, and competitive exercise.

In my early 20s, I discovered Buddhism and followed my dream of becoming a full-time Buddhist. I taught meditation to scores of people at the Manchester Buddhist Centre and helped the charity grow to one of the largest inner city Buddhist centres in Europe.

Yet I knew I could do more to help people achieve the life they desired. Often meditation was simply a plaster to help them cope with a hectic lifestyle, and nothing more.

So, I re-did A-levels in my 30s with a view to studying medicine. It was during this period I met my now wife Rachael, and decided that chiropractic was more congruent with who I was and what I wanted to achieve.

At the time, I was still suffering with a serious Achilles tendon injury. Even after the surgery, physiotherapy and standard chiropractic care, I was still left with a chronically inflamed ankle.


I love being active, running, skiing, playing badminton, so I was not content with the doctors saying, “It’s just one of those things ” For me, that wasn’t enough. I believed my body was capable of more, I just didn’t know where to look to help my injury recover.

Healing, I believe is affected by many things. Thoughts and emotions, the food we eat, the exercise we do and even our spiritual path impact how the body works and heals. So I needed to find a health approach that took how the mind-body relationship assists with healing – from the inside out – into account. After all, I wanted my body to genuinely mend. I didn’t just want a plaster.

Then I discovered NSA. My wife switched chiropractic techniques from the traditional manipulation (you know the sound that makes…) to Network with its very light touches and used them on my spine. I first thought that she was joking as she didn’t seem to do anything!

Then something unexpected happened. My ankle settled, I no longer had inflammation, my proprioception and balance improved significantly, and my shortened and thickened Achilles tendon – with its scar tissue that had glued to the skin from the surgery – didn’t seem to restrict my running any longer. Indeed, in 2015, I even managed to finish my first ever marathon in a competitive time at the age of 46, not once noticing my ankle.

Other areas of my life improved as well. I rested much better at night, felt calmer in the face of daily challenges, felt more energetic, more empowered, more at ease. And I know this has been facilitated through receiving Network chiropractic care.

That’s why I love NSA – it chimes so well with my personal philosophy of fulfilling one’s full potential and awakening their true being. It has now become my aim to show people there is an alternative to merely putting up with symptoms.

NSA is a powerful catalyst for a healthy, fulfilling life, and I love seeing people thrive, their hope grow into confidence, their worries about how to cope melt away, and have the vitality to enjoy the life they truly want to live.

After all, “it’s just one of those things” wasn’t enough for me. And it shouldn’t be for you.

Olaf is now based at Naturally Empowered Bramhall and can be reached through his website - click here