Low Energy & Chronic Illness

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As chiropractic is not a treatment for disease, many people think the chronically ill cannot benefit from a chiropractor. The perception of the general public in the UK is that chiropractic is a treatment for pain and nothing else. Why would anyone with a disease who doesn't have spinal pain want to see a chiropractor? 

However, chiropractors work with your nervous system, which controls every joint, muscle, organ and thought or feeling that you experience. As your nervous system begins to work better, so does your body. Many people report improvements in energy levels, mobility, flexibility, attitude and overall wellbeing after seeking help from a chiropractor.

Indeed, through NSA we have helped many people with chronic disease – some have seen reductions in the symptoms, others report being able to cope better, live more and get greater pleasure from life. Don't limit yourself to disease treatment alone.

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