We get asked this question - how can I help myself - every week, sometimes every day. 

On a basic level most people know the answer. We all know that we need to eat a healthy diet, minimize junk foods and alcohol/caffeine/sugary drinks and exercise regularly and in a way we enjoy. 

What many people over look is working with their body in an intuitive way and learning to listen to what their body needs. 

We teach an empowering approach called Somato-Respiratory Integration or SRI. It is comprised of 12 different exercises and we teach it over 3 workshops. This gives you resources and ways of working with your body when you are struggling with symptoms and feel like you are not making any progress, but also when things are going well and you are moving forwards and want to accelerate your progress. 

We encourage all of our clients to learn SRI because it empowers them to be involved in their healing and growth. We run 3 levels of SRI. 

Discover SRI: Learn how to increase your internal resourcefulness when it feels like nothing works and you have no options. Find out how to work with your body when you find yourself blaming outside causes and disconnect from your own body. And what happens when you feel like you are going round in circles and not making the progress you feel you deserve. There are always ways to connect better to your body and change your state and boost your energy. You'll learn how in this workshop.

Transform SRI: You are making progress in terms of body awareness and health and now you want it all. You want to feel in control, you want to be in charge, you want to change the patterns and symptoms that have limited you and appeared over and over again and you are so ready to grow, heal and be a better version of you. Learn how in this workshop. 

Awaken SRI: You feel that you have a really good handle on your health and wellbeing, your body is better than it has been in years. You feel empowered to look after yourself, You know there is more and in this workshop you start to connect to your body in relationship to the collective and with respect to your personal gifts that you can share with others. 

Read about the 12 Stages of Human Consciousness here. To sign up for a workshop, check the Diary for dates and call/email the office to book your place.