How do YOU mess your back up?

messed up.PNG

I was browsing Facebook and I found this image….. and I thought… how many of my clients do something similar or have done in the past. I can’t quote the paper exactly but I have a memory of being told that back in the day when we always paid the taxi in cash, if the driver kept his wallet in his back pocket he was something like 50% more likely to suffer with back problems. It makes totally sense doesn’t it?

So my question for you is – what do you do that puts your spine out of balance?

When I asked a few friends and clients, here is some of what we came up with…

  • My computer is at an angle to my chair so I always have to look to the left

  • I spend way to much time on my smart phone

  • I always carry my 2 year old on my left hip

  • I do sit on my wallet – omg!

  • My sofa is super saggy and when I’m on it, I’m never comfortable

  • My bed is too hard, my shoulder just can’t relax when I lie on my side

  • I play hours of cricket 3x a week (this also can apply to golf)

So what do you do? I’d love to hear your answers……

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