It’s Ok for your Heart to Beat a Little Faster on Valentines Day

Most people don’t know that your beating heart can be used to measure your stress levels.


We tend to think that our heart should beat in a perfect rhythm, but actually the variations in the heart beat give an excellent indicator of your ability to respond to stressful events.

Using the NeuroPulse screening equipment, we combine nervous system data with heart rate to accurately measure your stress levels.


How does your Nervous System impact on your Heart? 

Your nervous system has a big impact on how your heart works. In times of stress it will speed up your heart so that you can respond to stress pumping more oxygen around your body. And when at rest, it will slow your heart down allowing rest and recuperation. Another way of looking at it is you have an accelerator and a brake. Ideally your body responds appropriately.

However some people can get caught with the foot firmly on the accelerator. And we all know if we run for too long on the accelerator of our car – we run out of fuel. Prolonged stress can result in this response, which is bad for your body and overall health and wellbeing.  Others function like they are driving with the brake on all the time. These people tend to feel exhausted and lack the get up and go needed to function well.

How do I get Tested? 

As part of our Initial Consultation we measure your Stress Levels using the NeuroImpulse technology. In addition we also measure Surface EMG, Thermography and Digital Posture analysis. Understanding your physiology empowers you to make better decisions and helps us to serve you to the best of our ability.

During February you can schedule a FREE Neuroimpulse test. Call now on 01625 402053 to book.

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