How can Wonderful Winter Walking help your spine?

Wonderful Winter Walking

The weather has been pretty unpredictable this winter from gales, to torrential rain to snow and frost. It’s tempting to batten down the hatches and hide away indoor. People are always asking me what they can do to support their healing, be it from back pain or something else, or just general advice as to how to get healthier. Here are a few reasons to maybe consider a winter walk.

  1. It’s really important to stay active and mobile, especially at this time of year. Walking doesn’t cost you anything, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as we do.

  2. Walking can help to improve your postures. Especially if you spend a lot of time behind a computer, getting outside and walking helps to straighten your spine and improve how you feel.

  3. If you have a back problem, walking helps take the pressure of discs and helps to rehydrate them.

  4. Walking can help to bring the body back into balance, increasing circulation and even lowering blood pressure

  5. Walking is low impact and gentle on your body. It can help to release tension, especially in your shoulders and low back in a gentle way.

  6. Walking can be a great opportunity to meet up with old and new friends. Join a walking club such as the Ramblers or arrange to meet up with friends. Children love walking and being outside and it’s a great way to get the family together.

  7. Combined with a healthy lifestyle walking can help you to lose weight. Losing weight reduces pressure on the spine and body, helping painful areas to heal.

  8. Walking is a great way of getting more sunlight and raising your mood. During the short winter days a few hours outside can really help to lift your spirit.

So whatever your age or condition, find some time to get outside and give your body and mind a boost this February.

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