Tony Robbins talks about Donny Epstein – founder and developer of Network Chiropractic (Network Spinal Analysis)

We’ve just spent 5 transformational days with one of the greatest Life Coaches in the world to date, the founder in many ways of the Life Coaching Industry – Tony Robbins.

Our passion at work is helping people with pain, low energy or chronic disease connect to and learn to use their internal resources to heal again and reach levels of health they had only dreamed of before.

We have both been trained by the great Donald Epstein, DC and one of his greatest friends is Tony Robbins. In fact Donny is now Tony’s chiropractor. I have watched this video countless times and it never ceases to inspire me. Having spent 5 days with Tony, I can see the amazingness and parallels of two seemingly different approaches.

If you thought chiropractic was “clunk, click, ouch”, think again. This approach has transformed my life beyond all I could ever have dreamed of…

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