Why a Chiropractor Served as Chief Medical Officer for the American Olympic Team

usain bolt 2016.jpg

Even if sport is not your thing it’s impossible not to notice the Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes from around the world are competing and the British Team appear to be having an outstanding games.

So why am I interested in the Americans Medical Officer. The Americans have made a seemingly radical choice in choosing a chiropractor to head up their team. For myself and many of my clients, it may seem obvious but for many it won’t make sense.

Medical Doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. I can’t imagine many of the American athletes in Rio are suffering with major diseases, and the few that have chronic conditions will have them well under control years in advance.

Chiropractors are experts in the nervous system, which coordinates health in the body. One aspect of health is performance, and this is the primary focus of all these amazing top athletes. Any interference to spinal function can impede the nervous system from functioning at its absolute best. When you look at athletes like Usain Bolt, who has used chiropractic for years, where the margins are fractions of a second you see why even the smallest impedance to function could make the difference between gold and no medal at all.

In the UK chiropractic is still seen primarily as the treatment for back and neck problems. And for many chiropractors that is where their focus is and they help many people that way. But personally we're also interested in performance and w mean performance at all levels and for all ages.

When we talk to the general public, one of the things we hear over and over is "I don't like the idea of someone cracking my back" or "chiropractors are so rough....". I won't deny ,some chiropractors are a bit forceful. We however have chosen an approach that is so gentle, many people are amazed by how so seemingly little can make such a difference to their body and their performance. Our approach is called NSA and is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK currently. 

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to improve your performance and to function better on a daily basis. You could be any age from very young to senior, but if you want to perform better and it’s not happening, maybe finding a chiropractor who’s focusing on health and wellbeing in addition to pain, is something you should consider…..

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Rachael Talbot and Olaf Frank, Doctors of Chiropractic, Experts in Reorganizational Healing