Chiropractors Serve at the Rio Olympics

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In 2012, chiropractors were part of the core services offered for the first time ever. Now in Rio, over 100 Chiropractors are offering their services to the athletes. 

When you think of the pressures top athletic performance puts the athletes under at a physical level alone, you can see why having chiropractors there provides a huge service to the athletes. 

Chiropractic works on the Nervous System, which coordinates the function of your nerves, muscles and joints, and also through the para-sympathetic division of the nervous system your ability to handle stress is also influenced. 

More and more athletes at all levels are turning to chiropractic to help them recover from injury and optimize their performance. 

"Exercise Physiologist Sean Atkins estimates that at least 90% of top athletes utilize chiropractic on a regular basis to boost performance, prevent injuries and speed recovery"

Excited to see what Tokyo will bring in 2020.

In the mean time, enjoy the amazing performances of Team GB in Rio.

Rachael & Olaf
Doctors of Chiropractic, Experts in Reorganisational Healing