Latest Research: Unique Nerve Signal Propagation Discovered in Chiropractic

I doubt many people think of chiropractic research being at the forefront of medical understanding. Most people limit our understanding of chiropractic to the relief of back pain and not much else…… But one chiropractor in particular – Dr. Donny Epstein is taking chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis, to the forefront of science with rigorous scientific research…….

Since the 1950’s we’ve accepted that nerve impulses are electrical, despite evidence to the contrary.

Danish medical researchers recently proposed that nerve propagation was in fact primarily acoustic, and the latest research from the chiropractic approach Network Spinal Analysis is providing fascinating facts that support and explain this theory.

The article below was published by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and was written for chiropractors (who have a minimum 4 year full time degree including similar levels of scientific understanding to medical doctors). Even so, if you are interested in research and understanding the science behind NSA and the advancement of science in general, this a great read.

unique signal 1.PNG
unique signal 2.PNG
unique signal 3.PNG

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