What is Body Awakening

Why would you want your body to Wake Up? 

What does that statement mean to you? Well, you’re here, reading about it, so I guess that you are curious?

It's a subject I've spent a lot of time thinking about, feeling into and evaluating, so I guess first I should explain how I even came to ask this question. I've worked in healthcare for over 25 years and since 2003 working as a chiropractor. I've studied numerous different techniques and approaches that all aim to get the individual out of pain, healthier or in many cases to improve their overall wellbeing.

A common thread has gradually become clear to me, independent of the technique used by the practitioner or practiced by the client (yoga for eg):

"If the individual is aware of what is going on in their body beyond their symptoms and takes responsibility for this, they progress faster, get better results and have increased sustainability in their results."

I can't back this up by randomized-controlled trials, so don't ask me to. There is some research that supports this statement, but essentially it's  something I have observed over and over.

Some people have natural body awareness. They are really awake to what is going on in their body and are ready to work with and listen to what their body needs. But even those that are aware, don’t always listen - and you may relate to that, having a gut feeling about something, ignoring it and regretting it later on.

However, most people have some degree of awareness depending on how life shaped them.

Some like me were pretty much disconnected from their body. Pain and symptoms were the only thing that told them there was a problem and they wanted fixing, yesterday if possible.

Well that was me in 2007. Luckily, because of my professional training and some amazing practitioners and friends, I was able to work through it and get some understanding as to why I had “checked out”.

What I embarked on was a journey into learning all about my bodymind, way beyond the physiology I had been taught about at chiropractic school. I learnt so much about the subtle messages my body would send to me, how I could be more connected and more present. And then I started to get positive side effects - my energy improved hugely, I started manifesting more and more of what I wanted in my life. My practice changed, a plethra of people showed up to work with me who are my kind of people...... As I became more and more connected to my own body and who I am, more of me was able to show up in daily life and do the things I love......

So the purpose of this is to use my journey of Body Awakening to help others, and to share many of the great tools and secrets I've learnt along the way.... hope you enjoy your journey as much as I'm enjoying mine......

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