My name is Rachael Talbot, and I’m an experienced bodyworker, healer and wellness faciliator. I’ve  worked in healthcare for nearly 3 decades, initially in the Pharmaceutical Industry, then for 16 years as a Chiropractor and now as an Osteomyologist. . My unique experiences, an unconventional journey and some personal health challenges have been hugely valuable and has enabled me to help literally 1000’s of people heal and grow.

So how did I get here?

Aged 17 I turned down a place at Edinburgh Medical School, not knowing where that decision would lead. Instead I studied Chemistry, and ended up working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 7 years, with most of my experience coming the area of Depression, Anxiety and Pain Relief.

A bad back injury took me to a chiropractor, and the improvement in both pain and overall wellbeing took me to Chiropractic School, where I gained a 1st Class Honours degree, graduating in 2003.

16 Years as a Chiropractor

I then followed a fairly traditional chiropractic path for a few years, initially working for colleagues and then setting up my own practice. My main focus was on reduction of pain, and I good at that, so I was successful.

By 2007 I had a feeling that I could do so much more than I was doing. I remember checking the spine of one of my clients, and she was really happy with how she felt. I remember thinking “this can’t be it….” To me her spine still felt restricted and limited. I could not believe that this was all that was possible. So I started to search, even though I didn’t know what I was searching for…..

And then it happened…..

While studying the Webster Technique in London, I received my first Network chiropractic (NSA) adjustment – a gentle approach that changed my world.

Low Force, Massive Changes? 

My colleague used several incredibly soft touches to my pelvis and neck to treat my back pain and I felt my body fall into deep relaxation. That night, I slept the best I had for years and my back pain melted away.

I was fascinated by how seemingly little she had done and how dramatically better I felt the next day. That’s how I ended up studying this innovative technique a few months later.

After I completed the course, I offered it to my first patient that Monday morning and her words will stay with me forever – “I have no idea what you have just done, but I want more!”. No-one had ever expressed that amount of enthusiasm towards my adjusting and, needless to say, I was hooked.

Little did I realise how much my life and health would change after studying NSA, and how much more I could now offer my clients. The transformations I have witnessed personally and professionally by switching to NSA have surpassed my wildest dreams.

Finally, here was a technique that not only released patients from their physical pain and suffering, but also empowered clients by helping them to develop new strategies to dramatically improve their own wellbeing, allowing them to experience a new lease of life.

 So since 2007, I’ve been on a journey to learn everything I can about Network Spinal Analysis, including all the tools offered by developer of NSA Donald Epstein, to help people “reorganise their body and life”.

I was certified Part 3 Level NSA in 2009, the highest level offered, and I am one of the few facilitators in the UK certified as a Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) Wellness Faciliator, and it continues to be a big part of my practice. I love it because it enables me to empower my clients to get involved in their healing journey, not just through physical strength/flexibility exercises, but because they can learn how to match their mental state to what is going on in their body, and use SRI as a tool for connection and growth. I’ve come across very few approaches that enable this so effectively.

I’ve made it my mission to learn as much as I can, so I can make the biggest difference to my clients, helping them to fully heal, discover a new level of health and give them a fresh vitality for life. Empowering them to be part of the journey is core to my work. I do this mainly through teaching Somato-Respiratory Integration exercise and coaching.

And now……

With regard to my professional status, I no longer practice as a chiropractor, instead I have broadened my scope of practice and now work as an Osteomyologist. I continue to offer the highest level of care, using Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration as the basis of my practice, and bringing in new tools that enhance my ability to help my clients lead the lives they desire.