Before describing what we do it's important to put it into context of what most chiropractors and physiotherapists currently offer. 

Most physiotherapists work with muscles and exercises. This helps where the primary problem is a muscle problem. 

Most chiropractors use a combination of spinal manipulation and muscle techniques. This helps lots of people with spinal pain complaints. 

We use an approach that works with the nerves, bones and muscles. Using exquisitely gentle touches to the spine (like tipping the first domino over in a huge row as opposed to hitting it so hard it bounces out of alignment), we help to active your body's inner ability to heal and change. Research suggests that the nervous system actually upgrades as a result of this work (and the nervous system coordinates health in the body). 

Because nerves control muscles and muscles move bones, if the underlying problem is that your nervous system is not functioning optimally for you, repeatedly working with the muscles or muscles and bones often means the problem keeps coming back. 

Compare it to a house with faulty wiring. Light bulbs keep blowing. You keep replacing the bulbs but until the wiring is repaired the bulbs blow over and over. 

Your nervous system is the wiring. And although it's not as simple as the house analogy it goes a long way to explaining what can go wrong in the body. 

To read more on our approach which is called Network Spinal Analysis click here.