Whatever you say about Donald Trump, whether you like or dislike him, one thing we can be sure about is almost everyone has an opinion about him.

This morning as millions of us wake up to the news that Donald Trump is President, they will be experiencing a whole host of emotions. The primary ones I’m hearing so far are:

Fear   Disbelief   Anger   Horror   Despair

but there will a whole other camp feeling:

Delight    Hope    Joy    Elation

Donald Trump has the ability to polarise peoples emotions more than most. I think there will be very few people who are able to stay indifferent or have no emotional response.

So if you’re in the first group, notice how these emotions affect your posture? Does it collapse? Does your energy implode? How does it affect you get up and go, your motivation? What happens in your body for you? Because this is worth noticing….

Our emotion state determines how we respond to life, the decisions we make and whether we progress or whether we remain stuck in limiting patterns.

Whether you like the result or not, I ask you to pay attention even more than usual as to how this event is affecting you and if their are “emotions you just can’t feel” then become aware of that and if you have the skills explore them. Otherwise please mention them during your next session of Network Spinal Analysis so we can help you integrate what you cannot feel.