What are my Treatment Options?

We all have choices in healing. You can work with a practitioner who focuses on your symptoms or secondary complaints or you can go deeper and heal the Primary Condition. We focus on the Primary Condition.

Put another way, if knocks to the frame of your car cause the door to not close properly or tires to wear out unevenly, changing the tires or fixing the door is not going to solve your problems.

At Naturally Empowered we assess your Neuro-Structrall Integrity. That is the relationship between the nerves and the structure of your body.

Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves) is your internal communication system that coordinates healing of every cell, organ, joint and tissue in your body. If the frame of your body is out of alignment it can put strain on your nerves so that they over or under function resulting in a whole host of secondary conditions.

We assess the three key components that may create secondary conditions.

We look at your spinal structure. Think of a house with sinking foundations on the north side. The building is going to develop cracks, it’s going to be under tension and may start to fall down. We assess how your spinal structure may be affecting your function. A simple test you can try at home is to stand on two scales at the same time. Many people put more weight through one leg than the other and wonder why they start to develop knee or hip problems – or strain elsewhere in the body.

The second component that is really important is the tension in the tissues of your body. That includes muscles, ligaments and nerves. If we think of the house with the faulty foundation, it’s often the points at maximum tension that snap. But when it’s your body that keeps injuring and you’re constantly patching it up, it’s not fun. Research into nerve function shows that stretching a nerve creates far more problems than putting pressure on a nerve. We want the tension and tone in your body to be optimised for you, just like a finely tuned violin.

How do your muscles respond in times of stress or change? Do they tense up, do they cause your body to distort or maybe they don't respond at all leaving you open to injury. We use the latest technology to assess your muscle tension patterns combined with skilled palpation from our practitioners. 

The third area we assess is your perception of your body. Not just limited to symptoms (because we can all feel pain) we want you to be able to listen to your body. This has multiple benefits. If your goal is to avoid getting sick your injured, you are more likely to pick up early warning signals, even in times when your health is good. If your goals include increasing your health and wellbeing you will become better as assessing what your body really needs and may result in you changing habits and activities. 

Our approach to helping you heal addresses structural mis-alignments , neuro-structural distortions and improve self-perceptions  allows your body to optimize your ability to heal and be truly well.

Unlike most chiropractors, our primary technique is gentle, involves no manipulation or painful massage and gets great results in all age groups. Our primary approach is Network Spinal Analysis and we also teach you home exercises to activate your nervous system and enhance sustainability.