Chiropractic - A great way of aiding staying alive.....

Shortly after coming to Manchester I met Dr. Olaf Frank at a BNI meeting and on the strength of my experience of this treatment at a complementary workshop, I referred my back to him for a course of treatment. Out of interested I decided to go along with my back to see what happened. 

I should explain that my back has been in some scary places from an early age. It's first escapade was climbing onto a wardrobe and diving off in attempt to complete a double somersault before landing on my feet. This event could only be described as 50% successful.

In later life my back has fallen down cliffs, skied off cliffs several times and stepped off a vehicle travelling at 30mph in the Sahara Desert. Sometimes, as a result, if feels in need of TLC.

Long story short - I don't know how it works but work it does. No crack, no manipulation and after only a few sessions I can look over both shoulders again. Very important in terms of both taking my grandchildren to the pantomime. Behind you! It now do-able. And riding my bike much more safely - being able to look over my shoulder when changing lanes is great aid in staying alive. 

Don't put up with back issues - give Olaf Frank a test drive. 

Chris M