I was 37 weeks pregnant

I was 37 weeks pregnant, and discovered that my baby was transverse - sideways. I was not told why this was serious: if the baby was still transverse when I went into labour, I would need an emergency caesarean. Losing my waters would mean gravity would cause the baby to cut off its oxygen supply through squashing its own cord.

I understood that if a doctor tried to physically force the baby to move, it would be painful and unsuccessful, and that instead I should ask a chiropractor to use the Webster technique. I contacted Rachael because not only was she a chiropractor, but her method was unique, gentle and powerful. She was concerned about my stress & anxiety - influencing spinal alignment, in helping my body to retune, and in teaching me to control my body's energy flow through breathing control. In just under two weeks Rachael assisted my baby to turn to the right position, just in time for labour a week early. Doctors saw in disbelief that the baby had turned.    

I really enjoyed receiving care from Rachael in the sessions during the two weeks prior to birth, and attending afterwards with my newborn baby. As well as tackling my immediate physical problem, she inadvertently helped me to deal with longer term anxiety. If enough people promote this care, maybe one day it may be recognised within the NHS, and be accessible to all. 

love K