Constant pain and losing hope.....

When I first came to Rachael, I was in constant pain with an extremely broken sleep pattern. I was exhausted and feeling very low, especially as the Physiotherapist had informed me I now had a frozen shoulder which would take up to 2 years to get better.

After the very first treatment I could move my arm more and my neck was looser. It felt like a ‘miracle’ and during those next nights I notice I slept more, with less waking during the night.

Two weeks later my Physiotherapist was amazed at my progress and I told him that exercise alone was not the true reason for my improvement.

Each time I see Rachael there is immediate results and I am back working as a Holistic therapist, taking things slowly. I cannot massage yet and see only one client every other week, but just a few short weeks ago I was resigned to even giving up my choice of career and now I can see a future in it. I cannot thank Rachael enough for her professional expertise, her empathy, encouragement and generosity.

Jo A.