Change is possible.......

What do I love about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration Care

The simplicity and ease of the system! How NSA and SRI makes me much more aware of my spine, posture and whole body  I love the individual care that Rachael gives and her knowledge of every twist and turn of my spine.

How have I benefited from care?

I have recently started care and already I feel more energised and more fully involved in life. My reaction to events /problems has been much more constructive and I am beginning to break repeated behaviours that have not served me well in the past.

How have these changes helped the lives of those close to me?

I am less reactive and have almost stopped playing the victim, which has made for a much happier home life.

If someone was asking me about NSA care here’s what I’d say

It is very hard to explain the way in which NSA and SRI work but once you experience a few sessions you start to notice subtle changes for the better. By reading the leaflets, books, articles, attending classes and talking to Rachael it becomes clearer and clearer the ways in which we store stresses in our bodies and how we can clear these blockages. The only way to fully understand and benefit is to give it a go!


Do you have any further comments regarding NSA?

Attending sessions and classes is a life changing/enhancing experience. You feel completely safe and supported throughout every experience. Rachael’s calm and caring manner makes you feel that every change for the better is possible.