Rapid onset Neck Pain

Two weeks ago I woke up in the early hours and literally couldn't move my head at all due to immense pain in my neck and shoulder. I was even unable to drive. I had to rely on a lift as my neck had frozen completely, not allowing me movement to look left or right at all, pain killers just didn't seem to work. 

Luckily Rachael was able to see me later that morning. She worked her magic and managed to free off the problem giving me back some mobility and reducing the pain. There was no heavy handed manipulation of the shoulder or any painful cricks and cracks. It was all treated with feather like precision. The relief was almost instant and after a proper rest that day I was able to regain movement. 

I can't thank you enough for your swift and very effected treatment. I'm really not sure how it all works but I am delighted with the results and I would urge anyone with similar problem to see Dr Olaf or Dr Rachael and let them work their Magic.