Now I love you... a journey through Autism

I received this letter recently from the mother of an Autistic boy I have been working with. Names have been hidden to protect his identity. 

Dear Rachael

Just a quick update on our sons progress. When we had the review last month, I said that he was less aggressive and more loving, and that he was showing his feelings/caring side more. This is just since starting the treatment with you at the end of November. Although he was still having his outbursts as frequently, they didn’t last as long and were by no means as aggressive as they used to be. He started telling us that he loves us (Mum and Dad) and he also seemed to “care” about us. He was also showing more feelings for his Nanna (something he’s never done).

The improvements have continued and he is now openly telling his Nanna that he loves her too (which is something she has only dreamed of). His behaviour at his Nannas has improved a lot and she finds him so much more easier to deal with. He doesn’t swear as much because he’s not as angry and his outbursts are now less frequent. Although we still have a long way to go, we have certainly come a long way with huge improvements.

We look forward to continuing with care and seeing more improvements in the future. Many thanks for all you've done. 

Kind regards

Mum, Dad and Son