Weight Loss and Back Pain

A friend introduced me to Olaf and Rachael and the work they do. At first I was sceptical but could see great changes within my friend. So I decided to give it a go. I was very impressed with the thorough consultation and decided to carry on. 

Since being a teenager, I have always carried too much weight and whatever diet I tried or healthy good I ate, I could never get rid it. I wanted to lose it for health reasons and to gain more energy and vitality and live a longer life with no aches and pains. 

Within 2-3 sessions I saw positive changes within my body. Using SRI (neuro-activation) I can quickly get to a calmer place as feelings, emotions and pain surface that I have buried deep. 

What do I love about Network Chiropractic

The fact that it gives us strategies and skills to learn to help us not to react to challenging situations. Network Spinal Analysis has switched a light on that has helped me to recognise when I am full and not to overeat and also to refuse food. 

How have I benefited from care? 

I have gained an insight into my body and become aware of my spine (and see above)

How have these changes helped the lives of those close to me? 

They have noticed I have more energy and when walking around Manchester my daughter noticed I didn't get tired or worn out as I usually do.

If someone was asking me about Network Chiropractic here's what I'd say 

It helps me to become more aware of my body, posture and spine

Extra comments

I have noticed pain I have repressed from the past is now coming out such as lower back pain when my marriage broke down 20 years ago.