Rapid onset Neck Pain

Two weeks ago I woke up in the early hours and literally couldn't move my head at all due to immense pain in my neck and shoulder. I was even unable to drive. I had to rely on a lift as my neck had frozen completely, not allowing me movement to look left or right at all, pain killers just didn't seem to work. 

Luckily Rachael was able to see me later that morning. She worked her magic and managed to free off the problem giving me back some mobility and reducing the pain. There was no heavy handed manipulation of the shoulder or any painful cricks and cracks. It was all treated with feather like precision. The relief was almost instant and after a proper rest that day I was able to regain movement. 

I can't thank you enough for your swift and very effected treatment. I'm really not sure how it all works but I am delighted with the results and I would urge anyone with similar problem to see Dr Olaf or Dr Rachael and let them work their Magic. 

Weight Loss and Back Pain

A friend introduced me to Olaf and Rachael and the work they do. At first I was sceptical but could see great changes within my friend. So I decided to give it a go. I was very impressed with the thorough consultation and decided to carry on. 

Since being a teenager, I have always carried too much weight and whatever diet I tried or healthy good I ate, I could never get rid it. I wanted to lose it for health reasons and to gain more energy and vitality and live a longer life with no aches and pains. 

Within 2-3 sessions I saw positive changes within my body. Using SRI (neuro-activation) I can quickly get to a calmer place as feelings, emotions and pain surface that I have buried deep. 

What do I love about Network Chiropractic

The fact that it gives us strategies and skills to learn to help us not to react to challenging situations. Network Spinal Analysis has switched a light on that has helped me to recognise when I am full and not to overeat and also to refuse food. 

How have I benefited from care? 

I have gained an insight into my body and become aware of my spine (and see above)

How have these changes helped the lives of those close to me? 

They have noticed I have more energy and when walking around Manchester my daughter noticed I didn't get tired or worn out as I usually do.

If someone was asking me about Network Chiropractic here's what I'd say 

It helps me to become more aware of my body, posture and spine

Extra comments

I have noticed pain I have repressed from the past is now coming out such as lower back pain when my marriage broke down 20 years ago. 


Now I love you... a journey through Autism

I received this letter recently from the mother of an Autistic boy I have been working with. Names have been hidden to protect his identity. 

Dear Rachael

Just a quick update on our sons progress. When we had the review last month, I said that he was less aggressive and more loving, and that he was showing his feelings/caring side more. This is just since starting the treatment with you at the end of November. Although he was still having his outbursts as frequently, they didn’t last as long and were by no means as aggressive as they used to be. He started telling us that he loves us (Mum and Dad) and he also seemed to “care” about us. He was also showing more feelings for his Nanna (something he’s never done).

The improvements have continued and he is now openly telling his Nanna that he loves her too (which is something she has only dreamed of). His behaviour at his Nannas has improved a lot and she finds him so much more easier to deal with. He doesn’t swear as much because he’s not as angry and his outbursts are now less frequent. Although we still have a long way to go, we have certainly come a long way with huge improvements.

We look forward to continuing with care and seeing more improvements in the future. Many thanks for all you've done. 

Kind regards

Mum, Dad and Son

Chiropractic - A great way of aiding staying alive.....

Shortly after coming to Manchester I met Dr. Olaf Frank at a BNI meeting and on the strength of my experience of this treatment at a complementary workshop, I referred my back to him for a course of treatment. Out of interested I decided to go along with my back to see what happened. 

I should explain that my back has been in some scary places from an early age. It's first escapade was climbing onto a wardrobe and diving off in attempt to complete a double somersault before landing on my feet. This event could only be described as 50% successful.

In later life my back has fallen down cliffs, skied off cliffs several times and stepped off a vehicle travelling at 30mph in the Sahara Desert. Sometimes, as a result, if feels in need of TLC.

Long story short - I don't know how it works but work it does. No crack, no manipulation and after only a few sessions I can look over both shoulders again. Very important in terms of both taking my grandchildren to the pantomime. Behind you! It now do-able. And riding my bike much more safely - being able to look over my shoulder when changing lanes is great aid in staying alive. 

Don't put up with back issues - give Olaf Frank a test drive. 

Chris M

Angry and stressed

Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Gareth, 14 years old, High Functioning Autism

What was the primary reason you consulted us?

The main reason was that I was too angry and very violent.

How have I benefited from care?

My life has changed because I feel much more relaxed and less tense. I am more aware as I turn angry and I don’t hurt mum a lot than I used to. When I get angry I don’t take it out at my mum and I tell her what has been happening in words although they may be angry shouty words.

What improvements or changes have you seen in your symptoms?

I have improved on my anger. I get less angry. I feel better about myself. I used to feel very angry in a hurty way but I don’t do it very often so that makes me feel good about myself. I think I handle stress better, I talk to mum more and I chill myself out by going on the computer or watching TV.

Why do you want to continue care?

I want to continue because I like being relaxed after my treatments. I would probably want some more confidence with making friends.


Constant pain and losing hope.....

When I first came to Rachael, I was in constant pain with an extremely broken sleep pattern. I was exhausted and feeling very low, especially as the Physiotherapist had informed me I now had a frozen shoulder which would take up to 2 years to get better.

After the very first treatment I could move my arm more and my neck was looser. It felt like a ‘miracle’ and during those next nights I notice I slept more, with less waking during the night.

Two weeks later my Physiotherapist was amazed at my progress and I told him that exercise alone was not the true reason for my improvement.

Each time I see Rachael there is immediate results and I am back working as a Holistic therapist, taking things slowly. I cannot massage yet and see only one client every other week, but just a few short weeks ago I was resigned to even giving up my choice of career and now I can see a future in it. I cannot thank Rachael enough for her professional expertise, her empathy, encouragement and generosity.

Jo A.

Change is possible.......

What do I love about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration Care

The simplicity and ease of the system! How NSA and SRI makes me much more aware of my spine, posture and whole body  I love the individual care that Rachael gives and her knowledge of every twist and turn of my spine.

How have I benefited from care?

I have recently started care and already I feel more energised and more fully involved in life. My reaction to events /problems has been much more constructive and I am beginning to break repeated behaviours that have not served me well in the past.

How have these changes helped the lives of those close to me?

I am less reactive and have almost stopped playing the victim, which has made for a much happier home life.

If someone was asking me about NSA care here’s what I’d say

It is very hard to explain the way in which NSA and SRI work but once you experience a few sessions you start to notice subtle changes for the better. By reading the leaflets, books, articles, attending classes and talking to Rachael it becomes clearer and clearer the ways in which we store stresses in our bodies and how we can clear these blockages. The only way to fully understand and benefit is to give it a go!


Do you have any further comments regarding NSA?

Attending sessions and classes is a life changing/enhancing experience. You feel completely safe and supported throughout every experience. Rachael’s calm and caring manner makes you feel that every change for the better is possible.

I was 37 weeks pregnant

I was 37 weeks pregnant, and discovered that my baby was transverse - sideways. I was not told why this was serious: if the baby was still transverse when I went into labour, I would need an emergency caesarean. Losing my waters would mean gravity would cause the baby to cut off its oxygen supply through squashing its own cord.

I understood that if a doctor tried to physically force the baby to move, it would be painful and unsuccessful, and that instead I should ask a chiropractor to use the Webster technique. I contacted Rachael because not only was she a chiropractor, but her method was unique, gentle and powerful. She was concerned about my stress & anxiety - influencing spinal alignment, in helping my body to retune, and in teaching me to control my body's energy flow through breathing control. In just under two weeks Rachael assisted my baby to turn to the right position, just in time for labour a week early. Doctors saw in disbelief that the baby had turned.    

I really enjoyed receiving care from Rachael in the sessions during the two weeks prior to birth, and attending afterwards with my newborn baby. As well as tackling my immediate physical problem, she inadvertently helped me to deal with longer term anxiety. If enough people promote this care, maybe one day it may be recognised within the NHS, and be accessible to all. 

love K