Welcome to Naturally Empowered Wellness & Chiropractic, in Wilmslow, Cheshire where we provide a revolutionary and novel solution to health and wellbeing. Our approach is based on the transformational chiropractic technique, Network Care and will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Network Care is designed to re-ignite your body’s ability to heal itself and to feel vitalised and full of energy, allowing you to live with less pain and illness, more energy and passion and become a new version of your former self.

 We have created a space where we help empower people to become involved in their journey towards greater health and wellbeing. We give you the tools to discover your own inner resources, re-energize and revitalize your body, allowing you to heal and grow and awaken to your true potential.

 You may have back or neck pain, a chronic health challenge, or generally feel let down by your body? You probably feel like you’ve tried everything but are still not making the progress you want?

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

"Wellness is that state in which are you relatively invincible, nothing can ruin your day, you feel alive, vital and confident, and experience a high state of wellbeing"
        Donny Epstein, DC, Founder and Developer of Network Spinal Analysis

 Our safe and gentle re-organisational healing solution is called Network Care. Network Care that uses exquisitely gentle touches to the spine and body that enables you to unlock hidden resources within your body. It is your resources that can then be used to boost healing and revitalize your body.  

We are a husband and wife team of chiropractors with over 40 years’ combined experience in health and personal development. Through extensive study and personal experience, we have come to the belief that Network Care is one of the most effective tools to improve health and wellbeing.

We are deeply passionate about our work and will use all of our resources to help you achieve your goals. We have already helped many to rejuvenate, heal from pain and transform their experience of challenges to their health and vitality, using this approach.

However old or young you are, whatever ailment you suffer from, we work with you, the individual to harness your personal resources to improve you and the experience you are having in your body. Our oldest client to date was in her 90’s and are youngest only several hours old.

Being in the driving seat of your healing and wellbeing will have a life-changing impact on your mental, spiritual and physical health, connecting you with a newfound vitality.

We have already helped thousands to use their internal sources to heal and feel stronger, so why not join them?

For the chance of a new lease of life, give us a call 01625 402 053 or leave us a message on our contact page.