Network Spinal Analysis is – Researched and Evidence Based

Network Spinal Analysis  (NSA) may seem unusual but, with thorough supporting studies, it’s at the frontier of body-mind research. It also has an abundance of life-changing testimonials.

To find out more about this innovative approach to healing, read on.

Research and Network Spinal Analysis

Following the development of Network Chiropractic by Dr Donald Epstein in the 1980s as a way to release stress and tension in the body through very gentle touches to the spine , stories of life-transforming experiences from patients receiving the treatment began to spread throughout the USA.

The Association for Network Care then teamed up with the University of California’s Irvine Medical College to retrospectively explore the impact of NSA on quality of life and wellbeing, and better understand the relationship between body, mind and the spine when it came to improving overall health.

Over 2,800 patients participated and the results showed that 76 per cent reported improved wellness in all categories assessed including:

·    Physical health
·    Emotional and mental wellbeing
·    Response to stress
·    Life enjoyment
·    Overall quality of life

The longer the individuals were in care, the greater the level of improvement. And after more than three years of treatment, no limit or ‘ceiling’ was found to the benefits.

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But what’s actually happening?

Although the study showed NSA had a very positive impact on patients’ self-perceived quality of life, it didn’t fully explore the physiological mechanisms behind the improvement. The question still remained: what’s really going on within the body and mind of a patient under NSA care?

This question led to the ongoing exploration of NSA by researcher Edmund Jonckheere Ph.D.

Dr Jonckheere, along with his colleagues at the University of Southern California’s Department of Electrical Engineering, began to use a tool called Surface Electromyography (sEMG) to study the signals that were recorded along the spines of patients during NSA sessions. The results revealed a definitive relationship between the wave-like motions created during NSA treatment and a patient’s level of healing progress.

The research by Dr Jonckheere and his team led to a number of scientific articles, one in which he wrote: “The main conclusion is that the sEMG signal of NSA reveals a new class of complex nonlinear dyns/Dynamic-modeling-Jonckheere.pdfamic behaviour.”

To put it simply, this meant the electromyography signals conclusively showed that NSA was helping the brain and body to develop an entirely new pattern of behaviour with a global effect.

The story continues…

Rigorous academic study and research grounded in fact is necessary for any methodology to be accepted by the scientific community. The NSA method is no exception, and additional research is still being conducted to explain how and why NSA has such a profound effect on the majority of patients, and across such a variety of symptoms.

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