Chiropractic originated as a spinal manipulative approach. There have been many advances since 1895 and we utilize one of the more progressive approaches. 

Our roots are in Re-organizational Healing - working with the body to take it forwards, rather than attempting to take it back to a previous state. Our body is constantly changing, cells are dying and new cells are growing. Why work against this? So for those that are interested, there is some history and more information on the approaches we use within the practice. Enjoy. 


The majority of healthcare approaches nowadays aim to get rid of the symptoms that are interrupting your life and get you back to where you were just before things went wrong. All of these approaches come under the banner of Restorative Therapeutics. Whilst they have a place, we have chosen to work in a different way embracing the latest technologies and research. We practice Re-organizational Healing (ROH), primarily using the approaches of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Reorganizational Healing is an approach to transforming our experience of life circumstances and our bodies, including pain and disease, into opportunities to go beyond our baseline level of health, functionality and well-being. Reorganizational Healing recognizes that evolution moves only in one direction – forward. Instead of viewing the pain or symptom as an adversary or attempting to restore an individual to a prior minimal state, the Reorganizational model enrolls symptoms and crisis as a source of energy and wisdom, to not only sustain our bodies and lives, but to experience our health in new vital and abundant ways.

Based on Donald Epstein’s 30 years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of patients, Reorganizational Healing uses three elements – the Energetic Intelligences (resources for innate organization of the body and life), the Seasons of Wellbeing (the timing that allows us to optimize change), and the Triad of Change (one's personal success strategy to heal and change). Reorganizational Healing is about empowering individuals to develop new strategies of function and behavior to flourish at new levels of chosen possibility. Reorganizational Healing focuses on building health – and having the energy, structures, behaviors and perceptions to make sustainable progress in all areas of life.

Neuro-Structural Activation uses two main approaches = Network Spinal Analysis and Neuro-Activation (based on Somato-Respiratory Integration)

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

Network Spinal Analysis is a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that applies low force contacts, generally to your spine and surrounding tissues.

It was developed during the 1980’s to help people resolve tension patterns that occurred due to over stretching of the spinal cord during physical injuries or when the body is under emotional and/or mental stress.

Two unique healing waves develop in the body. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal reorganization and enhancement of wellness. The waves help the body to de-stress, unwind and reset itself. No twisting, popping or cracking is needed.

NSA is used by 1000’s of practitioners around the world, but is still relatively new in the UK. It is exclusively practised by Doctors of Chiropractic and has been studied in several major universities in the USA, for its dramatic and usually impressive contributions to health and wellness.

NSA is advanced through a series of levels, each producing new responses in the body and new abilities to adapt to the environment, make healthier more appropriate life choices, enjoy life and experience a healthier spine.

To read more on the benefits of NSA, read the growing body of research which talks about many interesting cases and benefits.


Neuro Activation (Somato Respiratory Integration/SRI)

Somato Respiratory Integration is a means of gaining the wisdom and secrets held within your body due to stored stress and tension, through the use of your own hands, breath and directed and/or spontaneous movement. It is an unparalleled tool for healing and personal development.

The purpose of SRI is help you heal more effectively by created a greater connection to yourself and allow the innate healing wisdom of your body to engage.

The exercises are easy and can be used by all ages. SRI exercises can be performed at home, during a Network Entrainment, in a private SRI session, in group workshops or at home.

SRI Exercises are based on the 12 Stages of Healing described by Dr. Donald Epstein in his book The Twelve Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness